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Ewa and Mâne, coldblood trotter in school canter Photo Robert Solin

Ewa and Pål, coldblood trotter in piaff

Ewa and Hårfagre, coldblood trotter, in passage.  2001

Blåen, Döle horse and Ewa

Ewa and Blåen, Döle horse (Norweigan breed)

Gorm, Döle horse and Ewa 2017

Ewa and Hårfagre, coldblood trotter in Levad. Nordic barock festival 2003. The muscles of the schooled horse. Observe the slack in the rein. 

Curly curls... 

Curlys in winter landscape Sweden

Ewa and Philosoph, coldblood trotter, Photo Robert Solin

Ewa and Cally, curly mare

Ewa and Cally, Curly horse

Hårfagre 25 years of age, with Ewa. The well muscled school horse, f.ex the muscles around the back knee.

Blåen and Ewa in shortened steps, in Denmark at clinic

Frost , The schoolmaster