Kraftskapande ridkonst®
    a registrated swedish trademark by Ewa Schaeder

This is a Swedish type of ridning art, generating power -that Ewa Schaeder has created with her horses and students. 
Formed with a horsecentered view of life, based on intuition and kindness and that the horse is The teacher.

Connecting the nerveous system of the horse and the human, linking them together as one. As in the movie "Avatar" two creatures share the same nerveuos system. With the smallest of signals, the language of the horse and human are together. 

School canter on Frost, swedish coldblood and Liz

to unite two nerveous systems based on love, respect, tolerans, balance


What is it we do?

The horse has a natural understanding in what humans need, and it is maybe not always what we want or what we think we want. 

The slow way with the horse is the fastest.

The aids, excercises and training/toning of the horse and rider
  The communication enhance the smallest of aids between horse and human, often not visible for the human eye.  Some are just a little tiny flick with your toe inside your shoe or just even a thought that creates the impulse the horse will notice. 
The soft open hand, the still leg -spurs are for example superfluous - , the "standing seat", are based on how the human nerveous system work. 
You will learn these tools within your own time. 

We build the horse as a school horse. We work and train with the horse from the ground, f.ex. in lunging, by hand, double lunging etc. and we ride with the horse.

The horse needs more muscle than it naturally has to be able to carry the load of the rider in a sustainable way. The symmetric excercises will help you understand what the horse tell you and will guide you closer together. 

Sharing this with another creature, connecting through your nerveous systems will give both horse and rider something not possible without the other.  This gift we are given from a horse  should be met with our greatest respect, humbleness and kindness to reflect upon and recieve the power and love the horse  give us.

¤ We are more interested in the horse as a beeing or individual creature than what it can do for us.

¤ We use symmetric riding exercises and work at hand and from the ground in a way that will make the human conscious.
 The horse is the teacher and the knowledge you gain becomes your own. 

¤ The horse is never wrong